• Sheet Metal Fabrication

Name:Sheet Metal Fabrication
General Capabilites:5000-Watt Fiber Laser
Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes:Deburring ,Hinges, Bending ,Forming ,Perforations ,Seams
Automation Capabilities:CNC Controls on Punching Machine Brake Auto-feed PEM Hardware Insertion Equipment Automated Bending
Thickness Range:0.006 to 0.25 inch (sweet spot is 0.030-0.060 inch)
Maximum Sheet Metal Width:96 inch (Punching Machine) 88 inch (Bending)
Tolerance (+/-)(punching machine):0.001英寸
Materials Used:Aluminum 7075, 5052, 6061 Brass Carbon Steels, HRS, CRS, LCS, HSLA Copper Exotic Metals Inconel Kovar
Raw Material Forms:Sheet Plate
Sheet Metal Products:Enclosures,Brackets,Panel,Case,Base
Subcontracted Additional Services:Heat Treating ,Painting Plating ,Polishing ,Double Disc Grinding
Production Volume:Production (Typically 20 to 5,000 pieces)
Typical Lead Times:Within Days

Product Description


Sheet metal fabrication services at Rexiom Metal Parts Co.,Ltd. focus on repetitive, low-to-high volume and high-mix production runs.As a complete tool and die shop, we are skilled in all areas of fabrication including punching, bending, forming, welding, machining and insertion.Many of our processes are automated, such as CNC controls on our punching machine and brake, and automated bending and forming in the punching machine.

Highlights include:

20-ton Punching Machine: Max.sheet size 48” x 96”.Material thickness range .006” to .25”.Sweet spot is .030” - .125' thick material.

Punching Equipment: Tolerances up to ±.001”.

85-ton Capacity CNC Brake: Max.material length 88”

We accept raw material in sheets, plates, bars or tubes and are experienced in working with a variety of materials like aluminum, copper, stainless steel and titanium.Other services include hardware insertion, welding, grinding, machining, turning and assembly.

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