• Custom Metal Stamping

Name:Custom Metal Stamping
General Capabilities:Prototype Stampings Production Metal Stamping High Speed Metal Stamping
Production Method Used:Progressive Dies, Tooling Mandrel Dies, Tooling Blanking Dies, Cam Dies Piercing, Notching, Trimming, Stippling, Lancing, Louvering Bending, Forming Coining, Staking Semi-Perf, Extrusion, Extrude Blank & Pushback, Compound Dies
Value Added Services:Special Packaging In-Die, Tapping ,Hardware Insertion PEM Insertion Assembly, Sub-Assembly Press Automation Production Work
Press Rating:5 to 160 tons
Max Press Speed:600 SPM
Maximum Press Bed Length:.5到9.75
Maximum Press Bed Width:35
Part Thickness:.236
Tolerance (+/-):.002
Materials Used:Aluminum, 7075, 6061, 5052,Stainless Steel, SS,Bronze, Phos Bronze
Typical Stamping Products:Heat Transfer Products, Headers, Baffles, Tank, Return Tank, Coolant Divider, Header Tube, Header Pipe, Oil Cooler, Air Cooler, Separator Sheet, Corrugated Plates, Thermal Plates,
Subcontracted Additional Services:Heat Treating ,Painting ,Plating, Polishing,
Production Volume:Prototype through Production, Medium to Long-Run ,Stampings

Product Description

 Custom Metal Stamping Services 

Rexiom Metal Parts Co.,Ltd.custom metal stamping services deliver precision metal stampings from prototype through production quantities.We run stampings up to .236” thick, but our specialty is high-volume, tight tolerance, precision stampings in a variety of materials from .002”-.070” thick.Our presses have full feed lines and are die sensor protection ready.We run nearly 50million stampings per year at a 98% on time delivery rate .

The stamping products of our company are stamping parts, machinery spare parts, vehicle parts, automotive stamping parts, electrical stamping components, etc. The high precision design and production of these products are utilizing internationally accredited innovative technology and high-quality raw materials, which were in line with international quality standards. The products we provide have a low cost, high precision, high performance, the best efficiency and longer service life.

Years of experience in stamping parts processing, as well as CNC shearing machine, bending machine, CNC punch press and other sheet metal processing equipment is our powerful technical support. Every one of our manufacturing process, no matter the core or the secondary processing technology, is embedded with the efforts and wisdom of Ruixiang staff. Now we provide service for the purchasers from nearly more than 20 countries. In this field, we have confidence and ability to produce the best quality stamping parts, and provide customers with the most affordable price.

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